I’m so happy you’re here. Because you’re here, I’m thinking you’re a bit like myself, a heart-centered soul who wants to create greater abundance in your life and business. Beyond that, You have a nudge to serve the World at higher levels. If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to get our priorities in order with practical tool that will immediately help you make conscious choices to turn your biggest dreams into reality & live at your highest potential.

I want us to put the brakes on the ‘how’ of live and business in order to focus on the ‘why.’

I’m Thuy Tran and to most I’m known as a Master Manifestor, Intuitive Healer/Guide but to a special few, I’m also known as a Spiritual CFO. I show you abundance in life and business is beyond money and finances but I’ll also show you how to bring in the money too!  Together we’ll connect mind, body, spirit and infuse your passion back into everything you do.

I help entrepreneurs manifest clients, money, and happy surprises so that they can live an inspired and purpose driven life.

Along the way, you’ll get unstuck from the ‘how’ in life and business and shift into alignment with ease and confidence. You’ll figure out at your core, exactly who you truly are + ‘why’ you’re truly here.

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